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Perhaps you are experiencing changes, big or small. Maybe you've recently experienced a life transition. Or it could be that a past or recent trauma is creating challenges in terms of how you’ve been functioning. You may be experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety that are presenting obstacles in your every day activities. Perhaps there have been some significant changes or challenges inside of your key relationships. It might be that you have felt unsure how to navigate some heavy emotions, and you desire more clarity and movement in terms of processing them.

If this seems familiar to you, perhaps one of the changes that you’re also considering is engaging in therapy. As such, Lindsay would like to introduce herself to you, and wants to express that she'd be honoured to meet you here – whether that be sitting with you in processing the big emotions and navigating the heavy spaces, celebrating with you as you shift and journey forward, or being attentively present with you in the moments between the stuckness and the movement.